The original LA's Dopest Attorney Youtube

"Allison Margolin calls herself Los Angeles’s “dopest attorney.” The 28-year-old graduate of Beverly Hills High, Columbia University and Harvard Law School has her own blog and promotional video on YouTube. Today, the Los Angeles Times helps her cause with a colorful profile of the ambitious young criminal defense lawyer.." Wall Street Journal

"LA's Dopest lawyer, again: Allison Margolin, the 28-year-old Harvard Law grad whose ads offering to represent pot smokers are a staple of the local alt weeklies..." LA Observed

"A lawyer for 3 1/2 years, Margolin has gained notoriety for unorthodox ads that proclaim her "L.A.'s dopest attorney." She even has a video publicizing her practice on the Internet site Youtube." LA Times

"Beverly Hills lawyer Allison Margolin made a three-and-a-half-minute video for YouTube about her practice and her position on issues such as marijuana laws, getting her noticed by commentators all over the Internet." ABA Journal

"L.A. dopest attorney," should send producers scrambling to option the rights to the Harvard Law by way of Beverly Hills High grad's Legally Blonde meets Half Baked life story.

"One very ingenious young lawyer out of California did just that to give herself a competitive edge. Allison Margolin, a newly minted Harvard Law School graduate, who concentrates in criminal law, is very passionate about the decriminalization of marijuana. Her video highlights not just her criminal practice, but has testimonials of her and a client on the courthouse steps. The video allows her to showcase her mission through a medium her client base would most likely use." Connecticut Law Review

"Framed Skunk Magazine features and Us Weekly covers adorn her office walls alongside diplomas from Columbia and Harvard Law. She's been profiled in the Los Angeles Times and keeps a personal blog that covers everything from social and legal commentary to musings on Paris Hilton and Playboy. You can even watch YouTube videos of her expounding on why all drugs should be legalized." Helen

"Allison Margolin, if you read articles written on her, projects nothing less than who she is, irreverent quirky, passionate and committed, well-educated, gutsy, and weaned on criminal law. And her 'brand' shows all of that." Build A Solo Practice, LLC

I've really enjoyed reading about what you've done with yourself from college, right up to now. I also think your networking/marketing prowess is what pisses off your detractors most. YouTube? A stroke of genius!!! They'll make a movie about you eventually! But you already know that right?" Cannazine - Myspace friend

"Been watching you on you tube AMAZZZZZZIIINNNGGG
The best LAWYER - this world needs such people like you to bring justice back RESPECT be blessed and wish you lots of positive energy. STAY STRONG ALLISON." Ash -

LA's Dopest Attorney NEW Youtubes

February 28, 2007



It won't be a cake walk, but we will get there!

February 26, 2007


From DaTaste's Blog

1. Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

2. You don’t know a women till you’ve met her in court.

3. My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures.

4. A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

5. It’s much easier to turn a friendship into love, than love into friendship.

6. You know that look women get when they want sex? Me neither!

7. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

8. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.

9. If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?

10. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Who can't use a smile on a Monday?...Thanks Dataste!

February 23, 2007


I just wrapped up an interview with Skunk magazine. The interview wound up covering quite a few topics which gave me the chance to get a lot off my chest. I thank the guys over at Skunk for the opportunity to do so, and I look forward to seeing my issue when it comes out in early April

February 21, 2007


As long as I can remember I have loved clothes. As a kid I used to get into dressing in the latest Guess and Esprit outfits that were popular in the 80s. Ironically ( I went to school in Beverly Hills), my classmates would make fun of me, "accusing" me of being rich. I was hurt and sad but I didn't let their harsh words get in the way of the pleasure I got in expressing my creativity and sense of self through my fashion.

February 15, 2007


If you pick up the LA Weekly this week look for my new color ad (designed by my new friends at Westside Chronicle) and read Seven McDonald's "Smoked Out"

The Open Door

At West Hollywood’s Medical Marijuana Farmacy dispensary on Santa Monica Boulevard, around the corner from Whole Foods and Fountain Day elementary school, Jack Johnson is on the stereo, apple juice and water are set out for the taking, and a sign above the door reads not just “Open,” but “Very Open.” Only slightly disrupting the welcoming atmosphere, a security guard monitors the scene just in case.

Last month, federal agents raided the Farmacy, along with 10 other L.A. County dispensaries (four others in West Hollywood alone), and many feared the shutdown was for good. But the Farmacy is back in business with nearly 20 full-time employees, one a patient himself who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and numerous consultants, including a psychologist, two advising physicians, a legal-aid professional, a massage therapist, an herbalist (who helps answer questions about the other herbs sold here), and a registered pharmacist, JoAnna La Force, who sits on the board of directors and acts as the Farmacy’s spokesperson. continued

February 12, 2007


A group of police officers have seen enough and want an end to the drug war NOW!

Here's why:

"The stated goals of current U.S.drug policy -- reducing crime, drug addiction, and juvenile drug use -- have not been achieved, even after nearly four decades of a policy of "war on drugs". This policy, fueled by over a trillion of our tax dollars has had little or no effect on the levels of drug addiction among our fellow citizens, but has instead resulted in a tremendous increase in crime and in the numbers of Americans in our prisons and jails. With 4.6% of the world's population, America today has 22.5% of the worlds prisoners. But, after all that time, after all the destroyed lives and after all the wasted resources, prohibited drugs today are cheaper, stronger, and easier to get than they were thirty-five years ago at the beginning of the so-called "war on drugs".

For more go to thier website and please tell them how much you appreciate their courage and conviction.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

February 11, 2007

Barack Obama gives hope

A Post to Barack Obama's Myspace

Feb 11 2007 8:21P

Mr Obama

We are under martial law and our government is imploding.

You are a breath of fresh air, but more than that you provide hope for restoring integrity, and moving us ahead.

By the way we have a couple things in common (Harvard, Columbia) and perhaps at some point we can sit to discuss this insane drug war being waged by the government against our good citizens.



Barack Obama's website

February 10, 2007



If you plan on going for your recommendation anytime soon read Michael Goldstien's first hand account titled "A license to Chill" in West Magazine. And even if you already have your card it's a great story that details the hypocrisies and absurdities of the government's stand against doctors, patients, and marijuana in general

Anyway whenever the Times calls I'm humbled and happy to contribute Particularily when It's something so near and dear to me. And speaking of near and dear, our dear friend Miss Stephanie Landa contributed to this article with a quote as well.




Progressive Dennis Kucinich takes over a new House subcommittee, signaling changes in national drug policy


~ The drug hawk’s worst nightmare: Kucinich’s hearings will raise a ruckus ~

The Democratic sweep in the 2006 mid-term elections has done more than finally install a woman as speaker of the House. It has also put one of the most vocal critics of the ill-starred “War on Drugs” in a position to affect federal drug policy. On January 18, Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, one of the most progressive Democratic voices in the House, was appointed as chair of the new House Government Reform and Oversight subcommittee on domestic policy, causing drug reform organizations coast-to-coast to rejoice in hopes that a moment for significant change may have finally come.


City Beat's Dean Kuipers does it again. One helluva writer.
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