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"Allison Margolin calls herself Los Angeles’s “dopest attorney.” The 28-year-old graduate of Beverly Hills High, Columbia University and Harvard Law School has her own blog and promotional video on YouTube. Today, the Los Angeles Times helps her cause with a colorful profile of the ambitious young criminal defense lawyer.." Wall Street Journal

"LA's Dopest lawyer, again: Allison Margolin, the 28-year-old Harvard Law grad whose ads offering to represent pot smokers are a staple of the local alt weeklies..." LA Observed

"A lawyer for 3 1/2 years, Margolin has gained notoriety for unorthodox ads that proclaim her "L.A.'s dopest attorney." She even has a video publicizing her practice on the Internet site Youtube." LA Times

"Beverly Hills lawyer Allison Margolin made a three-and-a-half-minute video for YouTube about her practice and her position on issues such as marijuana laws, getting her noticed by commentators all over the Internet." ABA Journal

"L.A. dopest attorney," should send producers scrambling to option the rights to the Harvard Law by way of Beverly Hills High grad's Legally Blonde meets Half Baked life story.

"One very ingenious young lawyer out of California did just that to give herself a competitive edge. Allison Margolin, a newly minted Harvard Law School graduate, who concentrates in criminal law, is very passionate about the decriminalization of marijuana. Her video highlights not just her criminal practice, but has testimonials of her and a client on the courthouse steps. The video allows her to showcase her mission through a medium her client base would most likely use." Connecticut Law Review

"Framed Skunk Magazine features and Us Weekly covers adorn her office walls alongside diplomas from Columbia and Harvard Law. She's been profiled in the Los Angeles Times and keeps a personal blog that covers everything from social and legal commentary to musings on Paris Hilton and Playboy. You can even watch YouTube videos of her expounding on why all drugs should be legalized." Helen

"Allison Margolin, if you read articles written on her, projects nothing less than who she is, irreverent quirky, passionate and committed, well-educated, gutsy, and weaned on criminal law. And her 'brand' shows all of that." Build A Solo Practice, LLC

I've really enjoyed reading about what you've done with yourself from college, right up to now. I also think your networking/marketing prowess is what pisses off your detractors most. YouTube? A stroke of genius!!! They'll make a movie about you eventually! But you already know that right?" Cannazine - Myspace friend

"Been watching you on you tube AMAZZZZZZIIINNNGGG
The best LAWYER - this world needs such people like you to bring justice back RESPECT be blessed and wish you lots of positive energy. STAY STRONG ALLISON." Ash -

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March 5, 2007

MySpace? Not always...

I'm pretty new to Myspace and this afternoon I got hacked into, it's kind of scary. I read somewhere on myspace that it's full of nothing but anonymous hackers, haters and masturbators ...that might be partly true, but then like just a little while ago, you get good stuff like this:


WOW Your amazing, I just was not sure if you were for real....
Its wonderful what your doing, I recently became very interested in the area of law, police corruption, and criminalization of physicians who prescribe medications legally to pain patients who have been injured due to horrific Vehicle accidents and falls........... I discovered a lot of governmental lies, corruption and disgrace

Lots of over zealous dirty cops and prosecutors looking to promote themselves by destroying the lives of hard working physicians and American patients in the name of war on drugs

Did you read the article written about the war on drugs is the war on doctors? Through all these Dramas I spoke with Eli Stuntman who changed the Oregon laws and met some very interesting people like criminal attorney john flannery and so on..........

PS As you know Marijuana is legal in Amsterdam as well as prostitution in which its regulated by the government hence the criminal aspects of it is removed............ Why is America such Hippocrates who knows?

Would love to talk to you more and make friends

Thanks Nadia!

1 comment:

Keenan said...

So, Allison, what did the hackers do? Anything?

I can agree - well, I'll say that America has its fair share of hypocrites, but I won't say we all are. I don't agree that the War On Drugs is a war on doctors. I think the war serves two functions. One, a war on our rights (which the war on terror serves so much better...) and two, politicians must have something they can distract us with. Lest we realize just what they are up to.



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