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"Allison Margolin calls herself Los Angeles’s “dopest attorney.” The 28-year-old graduate of Beverly Hills High, Columbia University and Harvard Law School has her own blog and promotional video on YouTube. Today, the Los Angeles Times helps her cause with a colorful profile of the ambitious young criminal defense lawyer.." Wall Street Journal

"LA's Dopest lawyer, again: Allison Margolin, the 28-year-old Harvard Law grad whose ads offering to represent pot smokers are a staple of the local alt weeklies..." LA Observed

"A lawyer for 3 1/2 years, Margolin has gained notoriety for unorthodox ads that proclaim her "L.A.'s dopest attorney." She even has a video publicizing her practice on the Internet site Youtube." LA Times

"Beverly Hills lawyer Allison Margolin made a three-and-a-half-minute video for YouTube about her practice and her position on issues such as marijuana laws, getting her noticed by commentators all over the Internet." ABA Journal

"L.A. dopest attorney," should send producers scrambling to option the rights to the Harvard Law by way of Beverly Hills High grad's Legally Blonde meets Half Baked life story.

"One very ingenious young lawyer out of California did just that to give herself a competitive edge. Allison Margolin, a newly minted Harvard Law School graduate, who concentrates in criminal law, is very passionate about the decriminalization of marijuana. Her video highlights not just her criminal practice, but has testimonials of her and a client on the courthouse steps. The video allows her to showcase her mission through a medium her client base would most likely use." Connecticut Law Review

"Framed Skunk Magazine features and Us Weekly covers adorn her office walls alongside diplomas from Columbia and Harvard Law. She's been profiled in the Los Angeles Times and keeps a personal blog that covers everything from social and legal commentary to musings on Paris Hilton and Playboy. You can even watch YouTube videos of her expounding on why all drugs should be legalized." Helen

"Allison Margolin, if you read articles written on her, projects nothing less than who she is, irreverent quirky, passionate and committed, well-educated, gutsy, and weaned on criminal law. And her 'brand' shows all of that." Build A Solo Practice, LLC

I've really enjoyed reading about what you've done with yourself from college, right up to now. I also think your networking/marketing prowess is what pisses off your detractors most. YouTube? A stroke of genius!!! They'll make a movie about you eventually! But you already know that right?" Cannazine - Myspace friend

"Been watching you on you tube AMAZZZZZZIIINNNGGG
The best LAWYER - this world needs such people like you to bring justice back RESPECT be blessed and wish you lots of positive energy. STAY STRONG ALLISON." Ash -

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June 26, 2007


Allison Margolin takes a question from her myspace friend about search and seizure


Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't know if that's correct. If an officer comes up to you and asks to search, you can refuse. The officer has to have some sort of reasonable suspicion to stop you, and even then he/she can only pat you down (presumably for weapoons). You need a lot more to constitute a 148 (resisting). Without an arrest, 148 usually occurs when an officer is trying to do his job (clear people away from a scene, for instance), and someone interferes with his/her job - then you're impeding the officer's execution of his duties. But a 148 for just refusing to be searched, without some serious justification? Nah. Besides, no jury is going to convict someone who refuses to be searched - unless they find something.... :-)

Allison Margolin said...

First of all, I was talking about the reality of a person on the street where an officer wants to search you. Of course, legally the officer must have articulable and reasonable suspicion. However, simply because an officer does not have legal justification does not mean he/she will not search anyway. I am giving advice for what to do on the street or in your car if an officer wants to search.



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